Mana Tejarat Soroush Company was established in Isfahan in 2008 with the aim of developing the country’s industries. After assessing the needs in industries and experiences gained by the founders, repair and reconstruction of industrial gearboxes, installation of industrial equipment and parts, assembly and dismantling, and repair and reconstruction of production line equipment were included in the work plan.

Induction Heater

After several years of participation in the maintenance of production lines and repair and reconstruction of sensitive parts and equipment such as Mobarakeh Steel, and due to the lack of technical knowledge, the use of induction heaters, we decided to use this device more in the program and design , To follow the calculations, manufacture and production of induction heaters, which with the efforts of hardworking personnel, the ability to produce the first indigenous sample was obtained, and by providing assembly and disassembly services to various industries, we were able to take a step towards self-sufficiency in our beloved country Iran. Other activities of this company are repair and reconstruction and design and manufacture of special bearings and roller bearings according to customer needs.


Due to the constant dependence of industries on industrial bearings and the high cost of supply and supply and the high time to achieve foreign brands, repair and reconstruction of bearings was something that could save money in reducing production costs because the repair and reconstruction of bearings and In addition to reducing repair costs (up to 50%), roller bearings also reduce the time it takes to obtain bearings. Because there is no need to buy and order foreign bearings and delays to reach foreign samples and pay in advance (taking into account the current conditions and after that the period of customs clearance is at least 6 months and at least 3 to 5 Should be spent equal to the cost of repairs).

Cycloid Reducers ( Gearboxes )

Industrial gearboxes, especially cycloid gearboxes, about which there is almost no centralized knowledge in the country, have always been among the sensitive and costly equipment for industries. Due to the conditions and sensitivities of this type of gearbox, the company considered repairs for this equipment and after gaining sufficient resources and knowledge in the field of cycloid gearboxes, designed and manufactured them for various industries.

It should be noted that this company, with its experienced staff and specialized team, provides consulting services in the company’s activities and excellent support

Important Points

We can define industrial activities for our neighbors such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and even the Arab countries south of the Persian Gulf, such as Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc., as well as maintenance groups for steel, cement, oil and gas production lines. And send