Industrial washing machine

Washing Machines Washing machines to remove and clean all kinds of dirt, grease, oil, grease, and even chips and corrosion of metals or suspended solids of industrial parts in parts such as bearings, chokes and housing and climbing line parts due to high pollution and auto parts and metals. Such as steel and non-ferrous metals […]

اسلیو بیرینگ چند ردیفه

Slew bearings

Design, manufacture, production and repair and reconstruction of Skewing bearings 1, 2 and 3 rows up to 2200 mm in diameter for various industries in accordance with modern standards Slewing bearings Slew bearings are bearings, also known as gear bearings. Often these bearings have gears inside or outside the bearing and generally one of the […]

گیربکس سیکلوئیدی - cycloid gearbox

Cycloid reducer

Cycloid gearboxes Repair, reconstruction, design and reproduction of various types of cycloid gearboxes Cycloid Gearbox’s Elements Knowing the components and function of the cycloid gearbox makes it easier to repair. Cycloid gearboxes are composed of various elements that move in a rolling manner. These elements consist of Cycloid plates, Rollers, Pins, Central Bearing and Cover, […]

خرید و فروش انواع ربات صنعتی


Robotic Arms Buy and sell all kinds of industrial and semi-industrial robots and equipment and parts including electronic components, servo drive motors, gearboxes (Cycloid Gearbox و) and supply and repair and reconstruction and provide advice and adaptation and optimization of various types of industrial robots for Applications of moving, placement, assembly, dimensional controller, painting, palletizing, […]

Spherical roller bearings

Types of standard Roller bearings and how to maintain, assemble and disassemble for SRB (Spherical Roller Bearings)