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Cycloid reducer

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Cycloid gearboxes

Repair, reconstruction, design and reproduction of various types of cycloid gearboxes

Cycloid Gearbox’s Elements

Knowing the components and function of the cycloid gearbox makes it easier to repair. Cycloid gearboxes are composed of various elements that move in a rolling manner. These elements consist of Cycloid plates, Rollers, Pins, Central Bearing and Cover, each of which is responsible for the task. Design, manufacture, repair and maintenance of these gearboxes are part of the company’s duties.

Cyloid Plates

It is so that all page sizes have a tolerance and size accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter. Calculating and designing this page and obtaining cycloid profiles and the mentioned accuracy is a difficult task and requires complex mathematical knowledge as well as calculations for accurate and hundred sizes, of course, requires high precision production machines and CNC. The above factors go hand in hand and increase the production cost of these pages.

Others, including pins and rollers, are responsible for external adaptations. In the center of the cycloid gearbox, there is a number of bearings (this bearing can be a bearing, roller bearing or the price of a bearing) which is responsible for placing the gearbox shaft in the center. The movement of these elements on each other and on the cycloid plate is in the form of rolling, and therefore lubrication is one of the most important cases in cycloid gearboxes. Lubrication of these gearboxes is mostly done with oil.

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