Industrial washing machine

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Washing Machines

Washing machines to remove and clean all kinds of dirt, grease, oil, grease, and even chips and corrosion of metals or suspended solids of industrial parts in parts such as bearings, chokes and housing and climbing line parts due to high pollution and auto parts and metals. Such as steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, etc. are used. Mana Tejarat Soroush Engineering Company has consulting and designing, manufacturing and producing washing machines in its service plans.

Washing methods

Types of washing methods include washing with water, hot water, water and detergents and petroleum products, ultrasonic washing and..

In the usual methods for cleaning used parts, hot water is used along with detergents, which is a tank for producing and storing hot water and separating oil materials such as grease, oil and fats. In this type of washing machines, which are the most used and for almost all parts, including used parts to remove old dirt, grease, oil and grease, newly produced parts such as car parts or steel and aluminum parts of the car and machined parts for Removal of turning chips, degreasing and cleaning of all types of industrial bearings are used to service and observe their defects. The size of the parts in this method is generally large

Types of washing machines

In the repair and even the manufacture of sensitive and special parts such as industrial bearings and the production of equipment and parts, the use of a washing machine is required.

Another method, which is mostly used for sensitive and smaller parts, uses ultrasonic technology, which is used as a high frequency generator to separate impurities and fats. This causes them to separate from the surface of metal parts by producing high frequencies in water and hitting them with fat atoms.

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