Mechanical tools in production lines, repair and maintenance of production lines, emergency replacement and repair of equipment and machinery, and design, production and sale of assembly and disassembly tools and equipment for special equipment are the previous and present functions of this company

Mana Tejarat Soroush Company, in order to reduce current repair costs and plans to reduce long-term repair costs, performs operational plans in accordance with factory standards.

In this way, it will increase the efficiency and effectiveness in those sets. Helps to perform better and higher quality repairs in its work schedule

Some projects

Cooperation in the maintenance of packing lines (includ cutting , rerolling , corrective lines) of cold rolled zone of Mobarakeh Steel Co. at 2009

Cooperation in revamp of CCM2 of Mobarakeh Steel Co. at 2009

Collaboration in cold-rolled 2-shelf rolling mound at 2010

Cooperation in Mobarakeh Steel Cham overhaul project (repairs of various areas including pelletizing 05 and direct reduction 06 and casting 08) 1390 to 1392

Cooperation in overhauling Saba steel areas

Mobarakeh Steel open mechanical repairs (construction, control and change of design and installation according to order) 1394

Repair of several cycloid gearboxes in different dimensions and capacities Repair and reconstruction of bearings, slew bearings, climbing bearings, etc.

Assembly services Dismantling of parts with adaptive presses for all types of rims, wheels, bearings and couplings (design and manufacture of special tools for assembly and disassembly from induction heaters to special pulleys)

Design, manufacture and production of special parts and equipment with high sensitivity and precision

Cooperation with special organs (design, manufacture and installation of parts and equipment)

Design and manufacture of special industrial bearings for the first time in Iran for various industries

Design and manufacture of industrial slobbing for various mining, steel, chemical, oil, food, health, airport and …

Replacement of bearings related to disc bearing of Ardakan pelletizing factory 2021

Assembly and disassembly of bucket willow recoiller Ardakan pelletizing to replace bearings 2021

Replacement of pinion and gearbox of rotary kiln gearbox with 50 micron press fit for Ardakan pelletizing after 15 years

Replacement of furnace chain wheel with 100 micron press with induction heater Ardakan pelletizing

Repacement and repair of shaft head shaft Ardakan pelletizing furnace

Assembly and disassembly of the chain shaft head of the furnace shaft with press fit about 250 microns by using special induction heaters in Ardakan pelletizing site